Light of the Soul

 Light Activation, elevation, Tools for Spiritual Growth

Soul Star Mastery Program

Becoming A Divine Channel of Light     

Do you long to answer the higher calling of the soul and BE a living embodiment of Light and Service?  This mentoring program was developed through an integration of Light Council guided wisdom and years of experience to aid in opening and reconnecting you to the vibration of your galactic higher being, your higher self.  Clarification, Connection and use of your Spiritual Abilities in Service to the Earth and Humanity.  In this program you will develop a connection with your own unique abilities, draw out your own wisdom through your inner language of light, to channel wisdom and healing for others.  Through this mentorship program, you will learn how to enhance your life with your own powerful connection to the Divine.  

Spiritual Intuitive Coaching. A Program Unique to YOU!

Your alignment with your Soul Mastery is as individual as there are stars in the sky.  Through connection with her Divine Council of Light, Jeanne facilitates a one on one connection with you to the wisdom of your own Council.  From there you will grown and strengthen your bridge of light.  Through healing, strengthening and application of your beautiful channel of light. 

 There are four basic elements outlined in the program, Activation, Expansion, Integration of Knowledge into Practice, and Anchoring in Wisdom. 

Scheduled weekly, 2 hour one, on one meetings either in person or Video Conference for those not local.  Sessions can be done per student needs as guided by their Higher Self.  Each persons connection is unique and sacred and there is no limit on the shortness or length of ones journey.

Students who complete the program will receive a certificate of completion.

Each 2 Hour Session: $150

   4 Sessions Package: $450 ($125 off reg price*)

 If you feel drawn to this program call Jeanne at 651-214-6560 or email directly to discuss your student needs and intentions: [email protected]

Activate. Elevate.