Light of the Soul

 Light Activation, elevation, Tools for Spiritual Growth

  Jeanne receives guidance and soul insight directly from the Creator, Your Higher Self, the Akashic Records, and Angelic Light Councils for the healing, clarity, direction, activation, and purpose of your Souls growth.    It is important to have intention for the session for the Light to assist you in the highest way possible and will be guided fully by the Higher Dimensions.  

She also connects with all beings of Unconditional Love as a Medium, including Loved Ones who have passed,  the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters, Star Elders, & Spirit Guides.   She gives exactly what she receives through Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, and Claircognizance  The guidance that she receives will never tell you what to do or how to live your life, but will give the guidance and healing with honest compassion so that you can make clear empowered choices as exactly as it is received from the Higher Dimensions, from the practical to the spiritual.  This is a Soul Level reading that can and will open you to healing. Come with an open heart.

Clarity, Healing & Activation Through the Akashic Records

 Explore Life Transformation through the Akashic Records. This is a Soul Level Reading accessing the wisdom of your eternal self from deep within the Creators Memory of you through out all time and space. Step 1.) Create Your Questions.  It’s always helpful to create questions in areas of your life you wish to have a deeper understanding of.  Explore significant issues you are having difficulty with, that you are struggling to change, and working through everyday human challenges where you need more guidance and insight.

It is helpful to begin a question with why, how, or what, to get the most helpful information instead of yes, no or time related concerns. There is no time in the Akashic Records so questions that allow you deeper understanding are most helpful. Glimpses into the future are probabilities shown to awaken feelings of possible paths currently available to you.  

Sample Questions:

Why do I struggle with my talents and abilities?

Why can’t I heal a certain relationship?

What would you like explore? 

Where do I need closure? Healing? 

Where do I struggle with fear or pain?  

How will this situation help me to understand my own goodness?

How am I pushing away success?

How do I express my creativity?

How can I love and accept myself despite what’s happening?

Often simply wanting to have more clarity in an area is enough.  What we are doing in opening your Records is uncovering deep Soul Level Truths that are uplifting and healing. Recognizing and dealing with ordinary human challenges is the path to higher consciousness. Your challenges are seen as points of sacred power where the greatest growth has the opportunity to happen.

Take a moment to sit quietly with a note book or pad of paper to write down your questions using how, why, or what.

You have a group of Masters, Teachers, and Love Ones who work directly with you and are committed to helping you understand yourself as you are known, seen, and loved through the Akashic Records.  Even if you are not sure just how to ask for clarity,  they are here to help and support your growth.  Unlike Mediumship, this loving group does not necessarily work through their personalities but more of a group consciousness to convey and share the healing light of your personal Records.

Each session is unique to the very soul of the person.  This a Soul Level Reading that allows you higher perspective on everyday issues. Your personal "star gate" to the Akasha is opened to bathe you and the cells of your body in the unconditional love from the Creator, Records and the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones assigned to you. Awakening you to deep acceptance and love for yourself.  From this level, deep understanding of what is happening within your life and energy will open for healing and release. We explore reasons for why we are the way we are and how we came into our current situation. The high vibration of the Akasha lifts and cleanses your inner connection to your Soul, while helping you to see yourself in the highest possible light, empowered and accepting. Activated to your own light, life becomes a journey of freedom and life affirming choice.

Session Pricing

*In Person Private, Phone, Skype, FaceTime Sessions    

 $87.50per 1/2 hr and $175 per hr.

All Sessions must be booked at least 24 hours in advance.

Please make an appointment prior to prepaying for any session.