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Radical Self Acceptance through the Akashic Perspective.

Posted by greyfoxx11 on February 19, 2019 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

  The Akashic Records is the Divine Library of Light holding all the knowledge of who you are across every lifetime of existence written in love by the Universe. This is a space that can be accessed with the Higher Consciousness. Within our Records are a group of Souls dedicated to our personal growth made up of Loved Ones and Master Teachers. They are our team of light that share compassion and unconditional love towards our unfolding soul evolution.

The vibration of the Records allows us to perceive our lives with a profound level of clarity. We learn to have deeper compassion for ourselves and begin to see how our choices have brought us tremendous growth and opportunity to know and be ourselves. This is a space and resource filled with empowering wisdom that allows to see ourselves simply with love as we are and simply put fall in love with our souls. When we are in love we have that glow, that magnetism that attracts joy and fulfillment. Part of the purpose of awakening humanity to connecting with the Akashic Records is so that you can fully embody all of who you are, live more consciously, and in full expression of your highest aspects. Can you imagine a world in which everyone is in love with their own Souls, sharing that joy and love with others, creating Heaven on Earth?

Some of the basic struggles we face in human life can become blockages from being in our best expression. Self Acceptance is a huge healing point on many challenges we have within. Often times we have internal war waging within us about embracing all of who we are. We have an internal judge or emotional abuser created from self rejection.

If you think about all the moments in your life, can you trace back to those times through trauma or survival you abandoned yourself? Self abandonment is very painful and often at the root of feeling lost or not knowing who you are. It is a power loss we experience and it’s not your fault. During trauma ultimately you do the best you can to preserve and survive. Our Souls will attempt to lead us back to take action on our own behalf, and engage in healing. While we choose healing, the commitment to the growth during the healing comes one step at a time when we are best able to integrate the learning. This is why healing “takes time.”

There are moments when we get “stuck” in our healing process due to resistance. We may be so invested in resisting, unaccepting or judging of what is happening, it creates an energy blockage. From the Akashic Perspective we are urged to practice radical self acceptance and appreciation.

Our resistance creates a stickiness to our struggle that may cloud our ability to accept higher consciousness within our selves that will shift the challenge into healing. It’s very true that we cannot heal from the same level of consciousness that created the problem. We learn to stop resisting what is, and judging what is, and accept that it is. The journey is ultimately to guide you into a space of understanding your fundamental good and worth. Healing transformation requires us to look within for the answers as to what is getting in the way of us experiencing this good and falling in love with our own souls.

In the Akashic Perspective you are able to see from the eyes of your Soul why you made the choices that you did, or why that could happen with loving respectful insight. One thing it helps us steer clear of is the addiction to escapism by taking action on our own behalf. In the human world and even in the spiritual community there are pitfalls of avoiding personal responsibility and spiritual bypassing that which needs patience, integration, and healing. There are teachings out in the world that are so reward and gratification oriented that it has no real value towards personal growth. We skim along the surface but never get into the depths where the real treasure and transformation is. Where we transform our pain into power.

In the Records there is no blame, there is no shame, or guilt. The guidance that comes is often asking us to look with compassion where we are resisting and what, giving us the courage to take in that truth and act accordingly. The very vibration of akashic guidance is the ultimate respect to the individual soul and its particular path of growth. Every challenge serves the purpose of growth. Growth leads us to clearing away the energetic cobwebs and dust that get in the way of our true light shining through. A light that is tangible, practical, empowering, and available to us.

Empathic overload and why it causes problems.

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Did you know being in constant Empathic Overload can cause chronic fatigue, weight gain, nerve problems, anxiety and depression among many things? As a healer, and as someone who’s struggled in this area myself, I’ve noticed we are beginning to take our power back with our awareness. Let me rephrase, stand in our power. Here are some reasons we struggle with this:

1.) Beliefs surrounding boundaries and healthy self care. If we don’t know this, or have a traumatic experience this where we need to start. No can be your best friend and Yes is when you are feeling self respect. 

You are not here to help everyone, but as children we may have learned a painful pattern of absorbing the pain of others as a means to heal them.  Everyone has their own team of Masters, Teachers, Angels, and Loved Ones helping them work on their own growth.

2.) Not having a healthy centered sense of self. Another huge priority for Empaths is finding their center. Not having this attracts energy vampires or can cause you to become one. Daily practice of centering in your own energy is powerful.

3.) Not being Grounded. If we don’t ground, we get slammed with the energy, get irritated, scattered, floaty, even manic. Empaths hold a huge amount of electricity in their energy field, you need to ground it so you don’t get “zapped” by your own energy being unbalanced or unintentionally zap someone else. You don’t want to have to resort to shutting completely down just to get relief.

You can easily see where not having these three things can really make a blessed level of sensitivity and awareness of Unity Consciousness create deep power leakages within us. Here are some helpful things you can do to create a more balanced life without shutting down:

1.) Take yourself out of unhealthy situations and environments permanently or temporarily as a time out to re-power. Don’t be afraid to a life review on what’s nourishing and what’s not. Use your voice!  

2.) Get clear with who you are.  Spend some time in quiet clearing your energy and boundaries using meditation, chakra balancing, crystals, sage etc. Inner quiet is essential in restablishing your inner core.  As an empath, down time is a priority. You may have to use some compassionate inner dialog with yourself, you are changing a deep pattern after all.  

3.) Let go of guilt.  So many feel unnecessary guilt. Get that counseling, heal that trauma, get a second medical opinion. You see where I am going here.  Take care of the pain behind the pattern.  

4.) Don’t resist your awareness. Don’t blame other people for not raising their vibe to your comfort level. Do love and honor your deep sensitivity and awareness. After all it’s your super power that brings meaning into your life and lives of others when you live authentically in your truth.  This level of knowing is "awareness".  You are "aware" of the pain, but not responsible for it.  This awareness maybe awakening you to deeper purpose making healing change, of your growing abilities.  

5.) Help with boundaries. Only help those who ask. Did you know you can set healthy boundaries with what you allow in your own energy field? You may be aware of people’s pain, but instead of taking it on and taxing your nervous system ask your Spirit Guides and Angels what you can do. If it’s not yours to heal, let it be. The key here is you are experiencing a level Unity Consciousness, and we need you here! Find your peace let it ripple out.

6.) Make friends with your Awareness. Once you are clear, you will feel the energy coming in and you will know by your mood shifts or physical sensations.  Again use your voice, speak directly wareness.  Ask it to come back at a better time.  Ask if helping is appropriate.  Thank it for being your barometer of truth.  After all,  what is this ability but living in a deep level of Truth that most people shy away from.  

You are a gift to all of us, humanity is circling back to understanding we can’t function on closed hearts and energy any more and expect transformation. We certainly can’t live in fear of our gifts and awareness either. We are here to express them.

Stand Up for What You Believe In.

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Spiritual Blessings & Code of Ethics

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Just this past weekend we went through a full moon that carried with it an intensity of experience.  Emotional release, deep insights, and deep subconscious stirrings.  All of these things carried with them the free will to go through experiences, finish old lessons, to go deeper into the unknown, or not.  The week prior was full of amazing revelations, compassionate insights into behaviors of others, and lessons on using ones voice when it comes to boundaries.  The Universe decided it was time for me to speak up, so an experience was played out that week that involved another psychic healing practitioner.  This practitioner singled me out, giving me unsolicited advice, which, while it was insightful, as a psychic and healer myself, I began to tune into another energy that was slowly emerging from this person. I listened, with increasing agitation, as the conversation slowly turned into inappropriate remarks that were like red lights to an issue of lack of boundaries.  I was left feeling ill at ease at the encounter as if my energy had been pushed, opened, and violated.  Deep down, we can all tell the difference between someone sending unconditional love and someone who is sending sexual energy, whether it be a conscious act or not. Always, always listen to your first gut reaction! I didn't know what to say.  I was guided to immediatley shield my energy and I was then left alone, still left with the uncomfortable feeling that whatever this person was looking for was already taken. As I began to speak out I since then began to hear others come out and speak up of their own experiences and what I would call horror stories.

As a professional in the metaphysical field I believe we should be held to no different set of ethics as a health care practitioner, lawyer, counselor, etc. Having a psychic reading or a healing can be a very personal experience, opening up the emotions and energy fields, bringing one into a very vulnerable place.  We are opened on many different levels as we are healed and counseled.  I found this code of ethics for psychics taken from OM Times Magazine and found it very fitting:

Code of Ethics for Psychics

Psychics Should:

  • Use your abilities wisely and for the good of all.Do not use your abilities to control, manipulate or program another.
  • Take full responsibility for your own energy, setting and running it accordingly.
  • Accept that everyone and everything has value.
  • Be committed to being in your body and experiencing the present moment.
  • Understand that you are part of everything that exists and that you have an impact on that existence through every thought, deed and action.
  • Remain emotionally neutral and always aware of which energy is yours and which energy is not.
  • Never use your abilities for ego, personal gain or personal power.
  • Deliver the psychic messages you receive with truth and integrity and without your own personal interpretation.
  • Remember self-care and always take the time to ground yourself.
  • Use your abilities with positive intention and positive thought.
  • Never pass judgment on a sitter or a client.
  • Avoid dwelling on the negative and focus on enriching the positive.
  • Never decide for the client or impede their free will.Do not create sitter/psychic dependencies.
  • Live by the laws of autonomy and free will.
  • Read the past and present with only a reference to the probable and possible futures of the sitter, thus allowing the sitter the freedom to create their own future.
  • Never conduct a psychic reading on a person/sitter/client/bystander/stranger, etc. without their permission.
  • Always keep the client’s information confidential.
  • Link

For those of you who have had genuine experiences of inappropriateness and other boundary issues with a professional or any human being for that matter, please don't be afraid to speak up! Don't let it define you as a loving, open, compassionate human being. Love you.

Prayer for Our Loved Ones Who Have Passed

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Dear Archangel Azrael and the Guardian Angels of My Loved Ones,

Please surround me in your light and hold me gently near.

Help me to find understanding, help me to grieve with love for my beloveds time has come.

Open your wings and send my message to my beloved dear:

That I always hold you in my heart and even though I miss you.

Please be at peace where ever you are, rest with out care, play with abandon.

Let the Angels and Masters hold you and heal all that you fear.

May your heart become light and may you feel joy.

For I want to give you thanks for being a part of my journey as I was part of yours.

You have touched my life as the light that you were and even though there were hard times.

Know that you are forgiven for any wrongs and that I never forgot my love for you.

Dear Angels please take this message in your wings and send it to the one.

Whom I hold so dearly and deeply in my heart.

Healing and Integrity

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The other day I was sitting with another healer and intuitive, discussing the metaphyiscal community and the topic of healing and integrity came up.  Within every community there are politics, and this community is no acception.  Sometimes being independent and standing within your own integrity is the soundest path to be on.  Why? There is no one but you, your guides, and the Creator to decide direction and code of ethics.  Most people have common sense and there is talk of people who get into this line of business to heal a part of themselves.  We both agreed there should be no rule more important than healing yourself, taking care of yourself, and cleaning up your own BS.  What happens as a lightworker when you don't take personal responsibility for you own healing?  Burnout. Also, people in general are becoming more sensitive and intuitive, and some cases opened up further during a session.  It would be something to consider that they themselves can feel this from you. Did I get into this line of business to heal a part of myself? I know that healing a part of myself lead me down this path, so yes there is a small part of that reality.  The bigger reality is this is my sacred soul contract I am fufilling and honestly I'm not sure if it wasn't for the loving but firm push of my higher self, guides, and loved ones would I have dared to open myself up to possible scrutiny and judgement. 

I have to say, you DO get the judgement and scutiny, from others and ironically in the community.  But here's what I think, The Universe will provide us with what we need.  If we need to learn how to stand up for ourselves and our truth, it will bring us lessons and opportunities to grow in that area.  If not it's simply a matter of asking the Universe and using your voice, to bring you the RIGHT kind of support, the RIGHT kind of clients, the right kind of opportunities.  Simple as that.  It's about knowing where you are and feeling where you are and what kind of lesson plan you are currently on. Be honest with yourself, theres no shame in that.  Admit the truth to your self and others.  It's all about clearing your intention and being okay with where you are.  So eventualy you care less what others think, respect yourself more, and feel a sense of peace knowing you are on your path. 

I read somewhere that people get into this line of work to balance the wounded Divine Feminine energy.  Since we know that a Masculine society can be and has been out of balance, could we not say the same for the opposite?  Intuitively, balancing between the masculine and feminine makes the most sense.  But when you begin to show signs of balanced male energy, such as being assertive, forward and active within the overtly Feminine energy community people tend to let their wounds show and thats when unneccesary judgement happens.

But what does all this mean anyway? Really, just do your own thing listening to your inner wisdom, own your "stuff", heal what you need to,  live it, love it, share.

Angelic Visions and Spiritual Truths

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So I just HAD to add this entry about my vision from last nights meditation and the visions and experiences I had. You see this last week was a trying one, with an intense full moon, spiritual truths coming to the forefront about my own star lineage and that I must begin clearing my karmic ties. BECAREFUL what you ask for! While clearing my karmic ties is important, and now with the current shifts and energy, my star guides have told me that karma is now a choice. I've been feeling the pull to step up my vibration, and in attempting to do so was confronted by some the darkest soul sucking, yep I said it, soul sucking vibrations you could ever imagine.

It drained me for 5 solid days, giving me deep insight into some of my own limiting beliefs to heal but also at no point did I feel the need to "numb" this energy. Let's be real, that would have been easier, no, absolutley no desire to reach for sugar or caffiene. I did however get to the point of not wanting to feel this way any longer.

So last night I was thinking about the angels when I heard "ask for the Principalities..." In the angelic kingdom this is the highest form of help you can ask for. It's not something you learn by reading a book or someone elses interpretation, it is something felt deeply in the heart with a great sense of knowing. So when I quietly called to them I saw in my third eye what appeared immediatley was a ray of pure golden light piercing what looked like dark clouds. And I felt them even before I could see them. All darkness, fatigue, and fear, gone. Poof! My whole body vibrating, my spine buzzing with energy, a "yummy" pull on my very being to go into this vision and stay. That's when I could see them, lined neatly in two rows of pure golden light, vast beings who stood on either side of me. There was a sound, like a rush of air and a hum that was electricity passing between them. It was a certain tone they were using to communicate and hold what looked like vast universal grids and gateways. They did not speak to me, nor did they have a sense of individuality or gender, nor show themselves with wings, just solid light statues the size of planets and stars. I got the impression they worked as a unit of consciousness. I recognized them, my soul recognized them, I HAVE seen them before, these huge gate keepers that do not speak. Speak in any laguage that would make sense to human consciousness that is.

I saw in front of me a rift of light (at this point my boyfriend came into the room and told him politley I was in the middle of having an angelic vision). I felt drawn into the rift and understood I was entering the Creator vibration, the light of God so to speak. Was I ready to back to the One? Well, no, so for a second though I was held. And that's when the Creator Vibration took on the form of the Goddess and I entered into what appeared as a great womb. I layed against the wall of the womb, which was kind like a pillow filled with light and looked up to see a rich velvety darkness filled with millions of sparklng stars. The womb of the Goddess is filled with the Universe!

This all happened within seconds and I was spit out of my vision back into the real world with time. I felt still warm, nurtured by the Creator, clear of heaviness and feeling like a million dollars. I went to sleep and had a dream about going to a religious class about angels and the whole time feeling this information was old, outdated, and filled with what I can only describe as dust. It felt uncomfortable! But in the middle of all of that was a man who came and needed healing. He was ill with what looked like two sores on his stomach. These were physical manifestations of the two wayward spirits who had attached into his energy field. I observed different healing practitioners trying to handle the situation, but he could not be healed. I finally decided well it's up to me, and I needed to take a direct approach. So I called upon my higher powers and pulled them from his psychical space into the light. My own aura became pure white, I became someone else, an angelic being of some such command. It was a food for thought dream. I have done such work in my waking life, as well as my nightly soul travel. I have more thoughts on crossing spirits over and spirit releasement in connection with Earth energy shifts best spent on a new blog.

Thank you for reading, it was a great experience. When you need help don't hesitate to call on the angels!

Who ARE Orion Masters?

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Who ARE the Orion Masters? 

We have been with you during the evolution of humanity and hold a special place for you in our hearts.  We are a group of light beings who have both been incarnate and in ascended angelic form which come from the Orion's Belt, a place of deep spiritual wisdom and learning. We may appear quite big and golden to you if you were to see us. We have touched Earth with our presence at different times in your history.  Some of YOU are family, and have forgotten this. We are here now to open and activate you to your higher soul vibration, to the Divine, and all that you are and can be.  We are currently transmitting to small groups of people who are open to our frequencies of communication. 


All that we are is Love & Wisdom and understand that the Earth has a dense vibration.  It is a challenge sometimes to communicate with you through this heaviness.  Loved Ones, we are waiting for you to awaken and take your rightful place.  To raise your vibration, and come home.  Do you know how exciting the opportunity is that is being played out now on Earth?  You are ascending, you are awakening, becoming aware of the facets of your multi-dimensional being.  This is an individual process. Free will and Soul Lessons apply.  Never the less, Time is quickening.  Healing is now a shorter process, manifestations of your thoughts are instant, change now can be easier and without pain.  Do you know why?  Because you are shifting and learning to operate on a whole new level and vibration.  Letting go will be easy, because in this new Earth you will understand there is no such thing as true loss.  You have changed form, and the things that have left your life need to be where they can to serve their purpose and so do you! Still, we are all connected and One and we can see you begininng to understand this.


Be aware, that during these changes in your density, lower vibrations become fearful, they cling to light as it ascends and wish to hold it in place.  This is what you call polarization of the light and the dark.  But this is perception, because you see, we cannot have one without the other.  Let us explain. There must be in balance for healing and harmony to occur.  These dense vibrations have been roosting in your nest for eons on Earth.  As the higher vibrations pull you into balance it may appear as chaos.  But, it's simply a balancing act.  So while you are there, shield yourself with the natural protection of higher vibration. The Earths vibration is heating up.  We see other light groups coming in by millions, incarnating, transmitting, activating.  Some will be born knowing who they are, and others will choose to forget to have deeper understanding of their human and soul experience.  Know that we are here to transmit our high voltage love and support during this process. 


-Orion Masters