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Healing and Integrity

Posted by greyfoxx11 on April 5, 2013 at 3:30 PM

The other day I was sitting with another healer and intuitive, discussing the metaphyiscal community and the topic of healing and integrity came up.  Within every community there are politics, and this community is no acception.  Sometimes being independent and standing within your own integrity is the soundest path to be on.  Why? There is no one but you, your guides, and the Creator to decide direction and code of ethics.  Most people have common sense and there is talk of people who get into this line of business to heal a part of themselves.  We both agreed there should be no rule more important than healing yourself, taking care of yourself, and cleaning up your own BS.  What happens as a lightworker when you don't take personal responsibility for you own healing?  Burnout. Also, people in general are becoming more sensitive and intuitive, and some cases opened up further during a session.  It would be something to consider that they themselves can feel this from you. Did I get into this line of business to heal a part of myself? I know that healing a part of myself lead me down this path, so yes there is a small part of that reality.  The bigger reality is this is my sacred soul contract I am fufilling and honestly I'm not sure if it wasn't for the loving but firm push of my higher self, guides, and loved ones would I have dared to open myself up to possible scrutiny and judgement. 

I have to say, you DO get the judgement and scutiny, from others and ironically in the community.  But here's what I think, The Universe will provide us with what we need.  If we need to learn how to stand up for ourselves and our truth, it will bring us lessons and opportunities to grow in that area.  If not it's simply a matter of asking the Universe and using your voice, to bring you the RIGHT kind of support, the RIGHT kind of clients, the right kind of opportunities.  Simple as that.  It's about knowing where you are and feeling where you are and what kind of lesson plan you are currently on. Be honest with yourself, theres no shame in that.  Admit the truth to your self and others.  It's all about clearing your intention and being okay with where you are.  So eventualy you care less what others think, respect yourself more, and feel a sense of peace knowing you are on your path. 

I read somewhere that people get into this line of work to balance the wounded Divine Feminine energy.  Since we know that a Masculine society can be and has been out of balance, could we not say the same for the opposite?  Intuitively, balancing between the masculine and feminine makes the most sense.  But when you begin to show signs of balanced male energy, such as being assertive, forward and active within the overtly Feminine energy community people tend to let their wounds show and thats when unneccesary judgement happens.

But what does all this mean anyway? Really, just do your own thing listening to your inner wisdom, own your "stuff", heal what you need to,  live it, love it, share.

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