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Empathic overload and why it causes problems.

Posted by greyfoxx11 on June 12, 2018 at 4:45 PM

Did you know being in constant Empathic Overload can cause chronic fatigue, weight gain, nerve problems, anxiety and depression among many things? As a healer, and as someone who’s struggled in this area myself, I’ve noticed we are beginning to take our power back with our awareness. Let me rephrase, stand in our power. Here are some reasons we struggle with this:

1.) Beliefs surrounding boundaries and healthy self care. If we don’t know this, or have a traumatic experience this where we need to start. No can be your best friend and Yes is when you are feeling self respect. 

You are not here to help everyone, but as children we may have learned a painful pattern of absorbing the pain of others as a means to heal them.  Everyone has their own team of Masters, Teachers, Angels, and Loved Ones helping them work on their own growth.

2.) Not having a healthy centered sense of self. Another huge priority for Empaths is finding their center. Not having this attracts energy vampires or can cause you to become one. Daily practice of centering in your own energy is powerful.

3.) Not being Grounded. If we don’t ground, we get slammed with the energy, get irritated, scattered, floaty, even manic. Empaths hold a huge amount of electricity in their energy field, you need to ground it so you don’t get “zapped” by your own energy being unbalanced or unintentionally zap someone else. You don’t want to have to resort to shutting completely down just to get relief.

You can easily see where not having these three things can really make a blessed level of sensitivity and awareness of Unity Consciousness create deep power leakages within us. Here are some helpful things you can do to create a more balanced life without shutting down:

1.) Take yourself out of unhealthy situations and environments permanently or temporarily as a time out to re-power. Don’t be afraid to a life review on what’s nourishing and what’s not. Use your voice!  

2.) Get clear with who you are.  Spend some time in quiet clearing your energy and boundaries using meditation, chakra balancing, crystals, sage etc. Inner quiet is essential in restablishing your inner core.  As an empath, down time is a priority. You may have to use some compassionate inner dialog with yourself, you are changing a deep pattern after all.  

3.) Let go of guilt.  So many feel unnecessary guilt. Get that counseling, heal that trauma, get a second medical opinion. You see where I am going here.  Take care of the pain behind the pattern.  

4.) Don’t resist your awareness. Don’t blame other people for not raising their vibe to your comfort level. Do love and honor your deep sensitivity and awareness. After all it’s your super power that brings meaning into your life and lives of others when you live authentically in your truth.  This level of knowing is "awareness".  You are "aware" of the pain, but not responsible for it.  This awareness maybe awakening you to deeper purpose making healing change, of your growing abilities.  

5.) Help with boundaries. Only help those who ask. Did you know you can set healthy boundaries with what you allow in your own energy field? You may be aware of people’s pain, but instead of taking it on and taxing your nervous system ask your Spirit Guides and Angels what you can do. If it’s not yours to heal, let it be. The key here is you are experiencing a level Unity Consciousness, and we need you here! Find your peace let it ripple out.

6.) Make friends with your Awareness. Once you are clear, you will feel the energy coming in and you will know by your mood shifts or physical sensations.  Again use your voice, speak directly wareness.  Ask it to come back at a better time.  Ask if helping is appropriate.  Thank it for being your barometer of truth.  After all,  what is this ability but living in a deep level of Truth that most people shy away from.  

You are a gift to all of us, humanity is circling back to understanding we can’t function on closed hearts and energy any more and expect transformation. We certainly can’t live in fear of our gifts and awareness either. We are here to express them.

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