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Radical Self Acceptance through the Akashic Perspective.

Posted by greyfoxx11 on February 19, 2019 at 7:00 PM

  The Akashic Records is the Divine Library of Light holding all the knowledge of who you are across every lifetime of existence written in love by the Universe. This is a space that can be accessed with the Higher Consciousness. Within our Records are a group of Souls dedicated to our personal growth made up of Loved Ones and Master Teachers. They are our team of light that share compassion and unconditional love towards our unfolding soul evolution.

The vibration of the Records allows us to perceive our lives with a profound level of clarity. We learn to have deeper compassion for ourselves and begin to see how our choices have brought us tremendous growth and opportunity to know and be ourselves. This is a space and resource filled with empowering wisdom that allows to see ourselves simply with love as we are and simply put fall in love with our souls. When we are in love we have that glow, that magnetism that attracts joy and fulfillment. Part of the purpose of awakening humanity to connecting with the Akashic Records is so that you can fully embody all of who you are, live more consciously, and in full expression of your highest aspects. Can you imagine a world in which everyone is in love with their own Souls, sharing that joy and love with others, creating Heaven on Earth?

Some of the basic struggles we face in human life can become blockages from being in our best expression. Self Acceptance is a huge healing point on many challenges we have within. Often times we have internal war waging within us about embracing all of who we are. We have an internal judge or emotional abuser created from self rejection.

If you think about all the moments in your life, can you trace back to those times through trauma or survival you abandoned yourself? Self abandonment is very painful and often at the root of feeling lost or not knowing who you are. It is a power loss we experience and it’s not your fault. During trauma ultimately you do the best you can to preserve and survive. Our Souls will attempt to lead us back to take action on our own behalf, and engage in healing. While we choose healing, the commitment to the growth during the healing comes one step at a time when we are best able to integrate the learning. This is why healing “takes time.”

There are moments when we get “stuck” in our healing process due to resistance. We may be so invested in resisting, unaccepting or judging of what is happening, it creates an energy blockage. From the Akashic Perspective we are urged to practice radical self acceptance and appreciation.

Our resistance creates a stickiness to our struggle that may cloud our ability to accept higher consciousness within our selves that will shift the challenge into healing. It’s very true that we cannot heal from the same level of consciousness that created the problem. We learn to stop resisting what is, and judging what is, and accept that it is. The journey is ultimately to guide you into a space of understanding your fundamental good and worth. Healing transformation requires us to look within for the answers as to what is getting in the way of us experiencing this good and falling in love with our own souls.

In the Akashic Perspective you are able to see from the eyes of your Soul why you made the choices that you did, or why that could happen with loving respectful insight. One thing it helps us steer clear of is the addiction to escapism by taking action on our own behalf. In the human world and even in the spiritual community there are pitfalls of avoiding personal responsibility and spiritual bypassing that which needs patience, integration, and healing. There are teachings out in the world that are so reward and gratification oriented that it has no real value towards personal growth. We skim along the surface but never get into the depths where the real treasure and transformation is. Where we transform our pain into power.

In the Records there is no blame, there is no shame, or guilt. The guidance that comes is often asking us to look with compassion where we are resisting and what, giving us the courage to take in that truth and act accordingly. The very vibration of akashic guidance is the ultimate respect to the individual soul and its particular path of growth. Every challenge serves the purpose of growth. Growth leads us to clearing away the energetic cobwebs and dust that get in the way of our true light shining through. A light that is tangible, practical, empowering, and available to us.

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