Light of the Soul

 Light Activation, elevation, Tools for Spiritual Growth


Akashic Connections Workshop *A Journey into the Akashic Consciousness*


Deepen Your Inner Light

If you feel a deep soul desire to be connected to a Higher Spiritual Resource and Embrace the Higher Wisdom of Your Soul welcome Beloved Being of Light! The Akashic Realm is a dimension of Source Consciousness, a store house of Your Souls Lineage, Past Lives, Sacred Divine Wisdom, Healing, of everything that ever was, is, or will be. Connection to your Akashic Consciousness allows you to embrace higher levels of understanding of your life and purpose. In this class you will recieve an energetic initiation into the Akashic Consciousness and learn how to work with your Akashic Librarian Guide, your souls light language, and tools in this vibration for the higher development of your soul.

Must prepay to register for the class. Please refrain from mood altering substances 24 hours in advance of participation to this class and bring water.

Feb 25th 1-5 pm $75

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