Light of the Soul

Empowering Soul Centered Living.

Welcome Home Beautiful Children of Atlantis.  You have in your soul memory the Higher Consciousness of Unity.  You remember being in a higher level of intellect, emotion, soul expression, and spiritual power.  Your inner Feminine and Masculine were merged together in incredible wholeness, so that you, this androgynous merged Soul became the pure portal of bliss and Source as the One.  Your bodies were capable of holding vast frequencies of light from your star lineages and Akashic Records.  You were able to solve problems with ease, bring forth technology and innovation.  Communing with your star ancestors, loved ones, spirit guides, and light councils were as natural as breathing air.  You were aware of all the dimensions around you and possessed spiritual abilities that only those of higher consciousness can hold.  Many of you had pure relationships based in this higher consciousness and connection to the soul because you held deep knowledge of self.  You were the true embodiment of the One.

The desire to hold all the sacred Star Knowledge as pure and potent as possible guided you to the crystal vessels of celestial light.  Some of you were the guardians and caretakers of these sacred crystals.  Some of these guardians, you, were merpeople and dolphin souls, peacefully communing with the wisdom and knowledge in underwater temples in sacred grid points of the Earth. These crystals were filled with intelligent life force of Source and were so powerful it was great service to guard and maintain their integrity. 

 One day,  these Celestial Crystalline Holders of Light, send out a message to their caretakers that it was no longer appropriate for such power to be held away from those who would benefit from their light.  To avoid being used to create weapons, and lower structures of power any further, they would shatter themselves into seeds and bury themselves in the earth to be awakened again by those true seekers of higher consciousness.  The Source Intelligence of these Crystals knew the perfect unfolding and blue print of the human consciousness into the future.  In order to learn and grow and become a true evolved spiritual being, to become all that it can be,  the human spirit must be tested by duality.  The crystal seeds would then be available to all, and not held by spiritual societies for their own purposes.  

Many of Atlantean Souls still remember the sound of the shattering crystal as they willed themselves to break apart.  There is so much trauma and grief to be healed from this sweet soul.  For shortly after this, because the power was no longer being held in a stable way on the Earths grid, the poles began to shift.  This created great cataclysmic events.  Those who received the message traveled swiftly to the poles themselves out of safety.  Visiting neighbors from other star systems and Pleiadian Delegates left the planet back their homes but some stayed just outside the atmosphere to telepathically provide guidance to their incarnate human soul family.  This created a deeper sense of abandonment for some of you.  

The Earth then plunged into duality.  The higher consciousness split, the One became the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.  These two vibrations split within each soul, one remaining in the higher dimensions until the Soul was ready to become whole.  The Dark and Light split as human consciousness went from Unity to Duality.  For a long time after this, the dark ages reigned as humanity started from scratch on its spiraling journey of evolution.  

Many Atlantean Souls who are awakening now, are remembering their Oneness and Bliss, and may be drawn to the addictive search for the other half of their being outside of themselves.  They will be magnetically drawn to programming and belief structures surrounding twin flames and soul mates, as well as myths surrounding the split of consciousness.  They may mistakenly believe that this outer relationship is the key to helping themselves and the planet ascend into Unity, but may be unaware due to the Veils of Amnesia,  that it is an past life trauma of being split from their own true Oneness.  The split within the self,  when healed will lift the consuming search for the "other".   When the Atlantean Soul in merged back into the One, communing with the Divine Masculine and Feminine within, they will experience a new level of Wholeness based on the Wisdom of the Souls Experience and Growth. Wiser and Older, you brave soul, will be leaving behind the addiction for true connection.  It may end the need for the old paradigm of completion through another, it will also allow you to have incredible relationships based on the depth of your own Souls Whole Love.  The relationships will simply be about the sharing the Wholeness and Love with each other.