Light of the Soul

 Light Activation, elevation, Tools for Spiritual Growth

 My name is Jeanne Crescenzo, I am a Minister of Melchizedek, Psychic Channel, Healer and Spiritual Artist. Thank you for letting me share my light with you!

 I had been working professionally and with compassion as a psychic medium for 12 years. I had been a guest on CBS radio and have participated on a variety of metaphysical radio programs. I am a member of Best American Psychics and the Certified Psychic Society that is recognized nationally and globally for testing their members for accuracy, ethics, and professionalism. I did much healing between the veil for many. 

My work continued to evolve and take on a new level, to not just help people heal from grief, but to take my sessions to the next level and truly transform the life paths of others. This opened me to the Akashic Realms of the Soul and Higher Dimensional Frequencies of Healing.  I was guided to several studies through the years in a variety of Akashic Modalities that lead me to my own soul and the incredible level of knowledge and healing perspective. I was guided into a deeper relationship with my Master Teachers of Golden Light and into the understanding of the Galactic Records. The wisdom and knowledge in learning about my soul lineage in the stars realigned my being so that I could deeply embody the Light of Creation. 

The message I received from my Collective Light Team was that people are ready to be brought up to "spiritual speed", that YOU the reader, your light is needed here in its purest form, deeply aligned with purpose.  You are so needed here.  We need your light, your compassion, and willingness to share your unique gifts and talents with the world.  Through this message it is my joy to act as a witness and facilitator of messages and healing on all levels. To activate and elevate the soul to it's intended light. It is my passion to witness the healing and shift inside a client. It is my love to share the energy and healing of the Akasha with you.

My Younger Years

My journey began early in childhood and became impossible to ignore around
puberty. I began to receive visions about the true nature of reality, the future, and our souls, visitations from loved ones, and angelic presences.

We are far more than we appear and the Spirit World is full of love! My connection to my Teachers in Spirit guided me to pursue healing, art, and esoteric teachings.  I was guided to several wonderful mentors in human form who helped me at every evolution of my journey. I began to receive feedback on how my words touched, healed, inspired or guided. With the gentle nudging of the Divine was opened further to take these messages to a broader audience and created Light of the Soul, Inc. to provide services, workshops, and wellness products to aid on the spiritual path.


I was mentored for large portion of my life through Spirit by a group of Wise Light Beings, Ascended Masters, and Archangels from the Stars to interpret the sacred geometric layers of energy in the aura, to connect with other high dimensional beings, galactic beings, and develop understanding of a persons soul vibration, akashic records of this earth and beyond, and layers of life purpose and channel this information for ones personal spiritual growth. They gave me the understanding that I would help activate others to their deepest truth and ignite reconnection with the Soul.  Healing and transformation would come through my artwork, healing, guidance, and workshops.  Having a greater understanding of my own multi-dimensionality has helped me in my healing work with others.  This is an ongoing study even today and has helped me find peace, gratitude, and deep levels healing in my own life.

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