Light of the Soul

Empowering Soul Centered Living.

 My name is Jeanne Crescenzo, I am a Minister of Melchizedek, Psychic Channel, Healer and Spiritual Artist. 

I had been working professionally and with compassion as a psychic medium for 15 years and have participated on a variety of metaphysical radio and live programs. I am a member of Best American Psychics and the Certified Psychic Society that is recognized nationally and globally for testing their members for accuracy, ethics, and professionalism. 

I channeled healing through my art with Angels, Soul and Star codes, sharing my profound love of the Divine with others. My work continued to evolve and I was guided deeper into purpose within the Quantum Akashic Field by learning to read the Akashic Records. Something that always felt a deep aware connection with. When I first touched the pure and profound energy within the Records I felt a resonant heart song within my Soul.  I was able to experience such direct healing, shift, and support from my Soul in a such a transformational way in my practical physical world that it became my passion to share the Akashic Records with others.  It is a gift and joy to teach and watch students thrive with their own soul connection.


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