Light of the Soul

Guiding clients into union with the higher self.

 Children of Ascension

Welcome all Star Children and Awakened Souls!  Your Time is Now! Your Star Family, Council of Elders,  and Ascended Masters surrounds you at this very special time.  A sacred star gate is now open and ready for you to walk through.  There is no turning back once you do,  there is no denial of splendor of your Divine Self.  You will step away from duality and be fully encompassed in the Oneness and Greatest Mystery School in the Universe.  You will gain true understanding of your gifts and limitless nature.  You are the High Priest and Priestess of a Galactic Nature.  You may have seen yourself as small and believed that being a spiritual human was supposed a struggle.  It is true that many of you have chosen powerful life lessons as initiations into your True Being.  Many of you will continue to do so as that is what you have written in your soul contract.  Now, as many of the first wave of initiates have broken ground and solidified a vast bridge of light through their pioneering warrior spirits, we can simply make the choice to ascend to a higher way of being without the density of duality.

What is the Galactic Soul Ray?

  There are many many rays currently being represented and incarnated on this Earth.  A ray represents a vibrational embodiment of a soul group purpose.  This is seen by many clairvoyants and has been interpreted as the indigo, crystal, rainbow, gold, blue, violet ray and so on.  Throughout a souls evolution they may be born in one ray, but also take on new rays as they open and progress spiritually.  These souls are the masters and light beings that embody their full multidimensional consciousness.  These beings have mastered their light bodies, and have fully conscious awareness of their connection with the Source, Akasha, Soul Groups, Star Groups, and Spiritual Guides. Their connection to their spiritual resources are fully developed.  They instinctively understand how to navigate from all the multidimensional aspects of the soul and the planes of existence.  Healing, channeling, psychic ability come easily, as well as advanced alchemy, transmutation,  ability to manipulate time, DNA, open and access dimensional gates/lightships.  

Those that have been born during this great experiment on Earth have been asleep and have chosen to awaken once human consciousness and DNA has been activated to a high enough vibration.  These beings are now in place to be the way showers for the new influx of incarnating Galactic Ray children and humanity.  Many of these children are not interested in the life their ancestors and parents lead, simply because they remember their experience in other dimensions, of ascension, and star systems,  they understand their connection to the Source. They will be the healers and breakers of ancestral chains. Now that the systems of old are being broken down by the Indigo Ray bringing us back to sacred integrity,  followed by the compassion and healing raising us to a new level by the Crystal and Rainbow Rays. They simply wish to BE!  Their energy will naturally shift those around them into the Unity Consciousness or 5th Dimensional Consciousness, awakening those around them to what they truly are! A magnificent soul!  They are here to ground the Source and awareness of the Creator.  This is where humanity is moving towards.  

To be born into the Galactic Ray there will be activated DNA already present in the parents of these beings of light.  Meanwhile these beautiful beings will need to learn to ground these powerful soul vibrations into their bodies.  Many will not be born encoded with the belief systems of their ancestors as their DNA is cleared and activated by those who came before,  but with all Earth life there are lessons and forgetfulness all humans go through.  

Those of us who are living and breathing now on Earth have a very important mission that is awakening within all of us.  What we do now and how we live affects the new generation. What we leave behind will be the legacy for these new, but very ancient ascends masters, star elders, and heavenly hosts being born.  They are counting on us to create this New Earth to prepare the way.  We came to lift the veil.  

Much Love to all the Rays is coming from Gaia, and the Universe above.  You are so very loved!