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Code of Ethics
How to Get the Most Out of Your Session

In any healing and spiritual profession it's always important to have healthy boundaries for both the practitioner and the client.  This page was created because of the need to establish a good working relationship and help you get the most out of your session. This section is written with both what you should be looking for in a practitioner and what to expect as a client.  

Jeanne's Psychic & Healing Code of Ethics

I will not use my abilities for personal gain or ego but deliever the information I receive without my own interpretation, with integrity, honesty, and compassion. I love what I do!

I will not allow a client to become dependent on my assistance to make decisions in their life, nor am I responsible for your own personal healing.  I am a facilitator of healing, channel, and human.  The information I give is meant to guide only.  All probable future scenarios can be changed with free will.  I recommend a period of any where between 3-6 months between readings to ensure accurate, clear information and guidance. 

If you come for help and guidance I will honor and respect your request to the highest of my ability.  Let's work together.   I consider this work a higher calling and there are many people in need of the help who want it.  So please come with an open mind and heart and say what kind of help you are looking for.  You will truly get the most out of your session.

I will continue to grow and learn and strengthen my abilities, attend to my own personal healing and spiritual growth.  I will also come to your session with a clear body, mind, and spirit so that I can truly connect for your highest good.  Please, come to your session sober, free of drugs and alcohol. This can affect the reading and also affect the benefits you will receive.  Healings on people who are under the influence can result in immediate detox and may result in a medical crisis. 

 I am not a substitute for legal, medical, or psychological help.  I am here to help you open to your own growth as a spiritual being and learn how to live a fulfilled life.

Sometimes connections don't happen in Medium readings, sometimes the information or healing still doesn't come for some people.  Often times there are higher spiritual reasons for this.  I will be very honest about what I am receiving or giving when it comes to healing.  If I am not connecting I will let you know, I cannot force it, no matter how many times the same question is asked. When I work with my Spirit Guidance Team, we work on bringing in the highest vibration possible into your session.  Messages from Higher Dimensions have an empowering positive tone, even if the message is something you feel you are not ready to hear.  If Mediumship is not the correct type of connection for you, we open your Akashic Records to determine what is truly needed.

My Guidance Team along with the Akashic Records work to bring you what it is you need for healing and guidance.  Sometimes the door opens wide, and other times it opens a crack.  It all depends on where you are and what you are ready for.   When you are truly ready to transform your life and accept more light and guidance, good things happen.  Some come for healing, some come for messages, some for learning, ALL are respected.

I will respect your boundaries.  I will not read you or attempt to heal you without your permission.  I will not date my clients or hit on them. I do not encourage relationships of any kind beyond the healing room if you are a client.  This is for reasons of ensuring clear boundaries, healing, and accurate guidance.  I hold what we discuss in session as sacred and confidential and will NEVER discuss you or your session with another.  The time we have scheduled together is sacred.  

All fees and pricing are set for a purpose.  They are for healthy exchange and boundary for my time. 

I use my abilities for new opportunities for positive growth, wellness and not to dwell on the negative. I understand we all have our own journey and will not try to manipulate you, or make your decisions for you. I take responsibility only for my own actions. It is the Universal Law that you will always have free will.

Above all I am here to help gain insight and objectivity; to understand and relate to others in a positive way; for growth and awareness, to do good and not harm.  To connect to the highest guidance possible for your greatest good. To heal, empower, transform, guide, and inspire.  

As A Client
It's important to seek out a spiritual counselor or healer you are comfortable with. It's very important that you feel safe, because after all this is your energy and life.  If you get a "funny" feeling in your solar plexus when considering a psychic, healer or intuitive, look else where for someone else whom you resonate with, or for the person who can directly address your needs.

If your advisor/healer displays inappropriate behaviors, such as asking for thousands of dollars to lift a curse, cross client boundaries such as hitting on you, inappropriate touch, gives you "doom and gloom" prophecies, or using the session for personal ego, run. With so many respected legitimate professionals, it's getting harder for frauds to hide out, but it also takes you speaking up as well.  We wouldn't tolerate this behavior from a doctor, lawyer, or otherwise licensed professional, we shouldn't expect less here.  

**Much Love***-Jeanne