Light of the Soul

Empowering Soul Centered Living.

Galactic Source Self

Receive Your Master Soul Keys

   Jeanne began channeling messages and healing energy from a higher level of her own soul consciousness she called the Solar Self because it so incredibly vast it was like being inside a giant star.  There was no separation between her Solar Self and the infinite consciousness of Source.  Her own energy appeared to simply be a continuation of Source.  She was guided to meditate and open to her mediumistic abilities to communicate with other beings and this began her journey in the early 2000's communing with other dimensions of Source, the Akashic Records and beings that reside in the Universe.  All awakened human beings are capable now in this time of expanding consciousness to remember their soul abilities and use them. When the information came to her it began a lifetime journey of exploring consciousness and the expanded mind.

6 Weekly On Demand Recordings with Workbook and Connection Confidence Building Assignments with Self. 

1.) Each week you will have one new recording to explore and assignments.

2. ) Each Student Receives a workbook, journal, and copy of the Galactic Soul Keys Card Deck.

3.) Additionaly a one on one coaching session with Jeanne!

Journey into the Golden Solar Self of the 9th Dimensional Consciousness and Source Self.  Journey into your Star Lineage and receive your own galactic keys that access your star gifts.

Journey into your Star Lineage and receive your own Galactic Keys that access your Star Gifts!

In this class:

We learn hold and receive the Key to the frequency of our All Knowing Self.
Receive our Soul Key to the sacred spiritual technology of the Merkaba Lightbody.
Receive our personal Soul Key Access our own Akashic Records.
Sit in power with our Spirit Guides, Star Guides, and Soul Group.
Decode the messages in our bodies and the physical work from our Higher Self.
Receive the Soul Key to Soul Remembrance of Mastery.
Each student receives a journal, manual, and copy of the Galactic Soul Keys oracle cards.
Each Student creates their own keys to their Higher Consciousness and Akashic Records.
Access Wisdom and Healing.
Access to online community support from like minded people embodying their Higher Self.

Each student receives a Galactic Soul Key Oracle Deck created by Jeanne to guide them deeper into the Divine Trust of their own connection and spiritual practice and know they truly have the power within.  Recording links will be sent via email.


                                                                                     Course Fee : $375

Galactic Soul Keys to spark your Galactic Memory.