Light of the Soul

 Light Activation, elevation, Tools for Spiritual Growth

Group & Private Party Readings

Gallery Readings are done in an open group setting.  Jeanne connects with the Creator/God/Source Energy, and the levels of your Soul, with Loved Ones who have passed, Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, and a loving group of light beings who may help guide the session. She allows Spirit to guide her to each person.  Everyone will receive a message,  whether it comes from a loved one,  spirit guide, angel, or directly from God. She has helped many people shift grief into healing, transform heartache into hope, connect with the Truth of their soul for the highest good and experience clarity.

Group Readings and Gallery Event Rates:  $450 per pre-booked 2 hour event, 25% deposit required to secure date.

Private Parties are done for events where clients receive private one on one sessions or for fun group workshops such as Connecting with your Angels and Crystal Healing. : $45 per person per class or for 15 minute session.  Minimum 8 people.  ** Host/Hostess will receive a free reading for a group of 10 or more.

Please Contact Jeanne Directly for Date Availability for Your Party or Event.