Light of the Soul

Guiding clients into union with the higher self.

Soul Mastery Mentorship

Becoming the Golden Divine Channel of Light     

Do you long to answer the higher calling of the soul and BE a living Golden Embodiment of Light and Service?  This mentoring program was developed through an integration of the Higher/Inifinte Self, Akashic Records, Light Council guided wisdom,  to aid in opening and reconnecting you to the vibration of your divine conscious higher being.  

Clarification, Connection and use of your Spiritual Abilities in Service to the Earth and Humanity.  

In this program you will develop a connection with your Soul Star Chakra and bring forward your Golden Consciousness from the Soul to explore your own unique psychic abilities and express them . Connect to your own wisdom through your inner language of light, to channel wisdom and healing for others.  Learn to transmit the Akashic Light to create transformation and connect with your ability to manifest your path. Through this training program, you will learn how to enhance your life with your own powerful connection to the Divine and express your leadership through your inner spiritual authority.  

Align and Channel the Infinite Self

Learn to align and channel from the Divine Level of Consciousness where we experience not only the Source of our Own Being, but lay the foundation for a healthy inner life and communication with the Souls around us through out all planes of existence.

Access Your Soul Memory.

 The Akasha or Alaya Consciousness, depending on cultural definition is a storehouse of Source Consciousness we can access through deliberate and conscious raising of our vibration state.  In the pure energy of the Source, everything that ever was, is, and will be exists in a interactive web of energy that records every choice, lesson, pattern, and solution of all living and non living things.  This web of life connects our physical cellular structure to the Source.  Memory of human and non human lifetimes, life between lives, and other dimensions are explored to heal very real patterns within this lifetime.

Activate Your Potential.

Through our work in the Infinite Self and Akasha, we develop a new level of Consciousness, a living breathing bridge we can hold in the 3D. The Records are actually quite simple, effective resources of vast Soul Level Truth. Effective, meaning we can actually apply this wisdom in everyday life! In this element of training you will be taught safe, grounded techniques for raising your vibrational consciousness to work within the Records. 

You are here for a reason, a call from the Soul to explore the Sacred Light of Self.  We will learn to understand ourselves from Love, heal our past lives, work in our soul lineage, plant seeds for the future and unleash our natural gifts.  We are becoming more aware. More are reaching for higher wisdom, greater depths of their spiritual growth, clear relationship with their Soul and Source. They begin to understand their own individual soul language of light. When you Know Thyself, you become clearer in your life choices, in the power of spiritual energy running through you, and your purpose. 


Receive Loving Support and Soul Guidance in the Heart of Your Highest Potential.

Those who tap into the Akashic Realm for their own growth, experience deep and clear perspective, undeniable self acceptance and supportive love towards growth.   When we cultivate the Akashic Consciousness and connect,  We begin to KNOW.  We learn to know and love ourselves through the Source Mind, as it is written in the language love across the Universe.  Can you imagine reading and feeling the love letters from our Soul, from our Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones across every space and time we lived? We KNOW understanding and healing.  We see ourselves through the loving eyes of our Council of Light and Source. You create a resource and relationship with Source that addresses your Truth and cultivates Peace. 

Creation & Choice from Clear Perspective.

The Akashic Records awaken empowerment of choice.  Which was always available.  Always. The Akashic Records are vibrational space in the Mind of the Creator where our potentials and records from lives lived in other times, dimensions and planets resides.  We carry gifts from all of these soul lineages we have participated in. A collective vibrational memory of ascended elders and masters from many these soul groups are available for you to connect with to guide you.

Live in Fully Activated Light.

In this training you will receive: 

1.) Golden Attunement for Strengthening your connection with the Soul/Higher Self.

2.) Tools to communicate and channel the Higher/Infinite Self and receive your "master" keys to unlocking your abilities and connection.

3.) Golden Attunement to activate your natural connection to your Akashic Records.

4.) Define and clear blockages.

5.) Tools for successful healing and inner work to clear away patterns and energy limiting expression of Self.

6.) Tools to navigate for expression and embodiment of True Self and psychic abilities in everyday life.

7.) In depth One on One Mentoring Sessions connecting with your Akashic Council of Light.

8.) Developing goals, and weekly progress that are unique to you and your Soul Alignment.

9.) Learn to be successful in joy, alignment and peace within your life outside of the "hustle" culture.

10.) Create your own flow and unique way you connect to Spirit and the Divine.

11.) Shift into Cooperation, Collaboration, and Co-Creation with the Divine in every day life.

Training Mentorship program consists of 6 one on one personalized sessions.

Within each session we begin by connecting directly to your Akashic Records, Higher Self, and Spirit Team. 

Each one on one training session via Zoom with be 60 minutes, training manuals and student journal to track progress are provided.

 Cost is $2250 for the full program.

If you are interested in joining this online training opportunity please inquire by filling out the form below to ask more questions on the payment program or register now.

"I wouldn't be the person I am today had I not had my first reading with Jeanne. She is an amazing teacher! Working with her is like having my own spirit guide in the flesh.  She sees who you are, and uses insightful messages and questions to help you discover your own gifts and what's in your highest and best in the present moment.  She is a gifted woman. Connected to Spirits Wisdom- truly a blessing in the world. You'll never see yourself quite the same way again. Wonderful results!" - Kelly M

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