Light of the Soul

Guiding clients into union with the higher self.

Star Angel Mediumship

   Healing Beyond the Veil through Messages from Loves Ones and Empowering Connections from Spirit Guides, Star Guides, Masters and the Angelic Realm.  Come with an open heart to this Soul to Soul Conversation centered in the Creator's Unconditional Love.  Each soul is a unique communicator, and in a reading we all become the bridges of light to extend love, support, kindness, clarity, and above all healing.  Words of Light are communicated from all levels of psychic awareness, from sight to sound.  

You are not required to bring a personal object to connect with your Loved One since we are working directly with Soul Energy.  It is recommended to book a session when you feel strong enough if in your grieving process.  In rare cases shock or trauma can temporarily interrupt a connection.  Communication from the Otherside is a joy filled experience filled with healing.  Join in on your personal Circle of Light.


*In Person Private, Phone, Skype, FaceTime Sessions  

 Pricing:  $87.50 per 1/2 hr  $175 per hour

All Sessions must be booked at least 24 hours in advance.

Please make an appointment prior to prepaying for any session.