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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique or QHHT is a journey of relaxation, profound healing and discovery into the memory of the Soul.  Created by Dolores Cannon whos practice working with thousands of clients over many years helped create a technique that allows one to connect with the Subconscious, Soul, or Higher Self.  This is the part of the consciousness that holds the all knowing wisdom and knowledge, where the soul memories (Records) are accessed and instantaneous healing can occur if needed.  

This process is lead entirely by the Subconscious by where we access memories from this life and others that are important in the healing and wholeness process.  We unravel the story of who you truly are through the Soul. We tackle limitations and patterns that are present in ones life,  answering deep questions connected to who you are and why you are here.  Questions on purpose, health, relationships, dreams and mysteries are addressed with compassion.

Sessions can last 4-6 hours so prepare to allow more time in your day.  All sessions are done in person, no exceptions will be made.  Safety and cleanliness is a number 1 priority during our current times.  

What to expect in a session.

1.) Get to know you.

2.) Go over an questions you may have.

3.) Hypnosis Induction.

4.) Past Life explorations.

5.) Conversation with the Soul/Higher Self.

6.) Body Scan and Healing

7.) Answering questions with the Higher Self.

8.) Moving back into the awakened consciousness.

How to Prepare for Your Session.

1.) It is beneficial to start imagining an easy connection to your higher self to prepare you for your journey.  Using visualization and life affirming affirmations can strengthen your relationship with your Higher self. 

2.) Refrain from alcohol, caffeine, or any mood altering substances 24 hours before your session.  This will allow a clearer natural connection to your Soul.  Drink plenty of water the morning before the session.

3.) If you are hearing impaired, please remember to wear your hearing aid.  It is very important to be able to hear the voice to guide the session.

4.) Prepare questions that you may wish to receive answers for.

** A limited number of ongoing education sessions are currently available! These sessions are part of training/student feedback and the client will not be charged for these sessions.**

 If you are interested in an ongoing educational session please contact Jeanne to see availability. Once these sessions are complete full pricing of $350 will be reinstated.  Please include a phone number that you can be reached so you can be called prior to making an appointment and details can be discussed. Prepare for relaxation and wonderful connection!


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