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Reiki Certifications 

Welcome to this beautiful Japanese healing system first discovered in the early 1900's by Dr. Mikao Usui.  Through an attunement process you are aligned with the Universal Healing Life Force.  Once attuned you will carry the open channel of Reiki for life. Courses can be taught one on one or via classroom style.

Channeling the Healing Life Force Through the Hands for Deep Balance

Reiki pronounced “Ray-Key” literally means universal life force. It is a gentle Japanese form of natural energy healing rediscovered in the early 1900’s by Dr. Mikao Usui.  Life force energy is channeled through the practitioners hands over the main chakra energy centers of the body to restore health and well being.  This is a light touch, fully clothed session. Reiki can relax tension, speed digestion, boost our immune system, stabilize blood pressure, relieve pain and so much more.  It facilitates the release of stress and negative feelings. Its focus is on unconditional love for ones self and others.  It can be performed both as a hands on and “hands off” distance healing.  Each person may have a individual and unique experience during a session,  including deep feelings of peace and warmth.

How Does it Work?

Ki, our life force energy is always flowing within our bodies and our bio-magnetic field called the
“aura”.   It is responsible for balanced health and support of vital bodily functions. Ki is also
 affected by our thoughts and feelings. Disruption in the flow of Ki can cause diminished function
in the physical body. Rei, the God-Consciousness, assesses where a person has blocks and directs  
healing energy to this area. Thus bringing greater balance through the practitioners hands and intent.

Below is a summary of teachings in each level of advancement:

Reiki Level I

In Level I Certification we will learn:

Definition and History of Reiki.

3 Levels of Reiki.

Precepts and Ideals.

Chakras in Healing.

Use of Hand Placements.

Practice and Experience.

Level I Responsibilities. 

Reiki Level II

In Level II Certification we will learn:

Level II Responsibilities.

Learning the Symbols.

Process for Distance Absentee Healing.

Practice Use of Symbols in Distance Absentee Healing.

Use and Practice of Distance Healing in a "hands on" treatment.

Reiki Level 1 Begins April 22nd

Reiki 2 Begins May 6th

Cost $325 for both certifications payment plan also available.

Contact Jeanne to Register.

Advanced Reiki Training

Deepening your relationship with Reiki.

Aura Clearing.

Working with Reiki Guides.

Crystals in Reiki Treatments.

Psychic Development.

Advanced Reiki Responsibilities.

Reiki Master

It is the responsibility of the Master to determine the readiness of the students progression into Mastery.

One on one apprenticeship with signed contract.

Passing on of the Manuel.

Teacher Training for all levels.

Healing Attunements.

Learning and practicing attunements for all Levels.

Self Attunements.

Responsibilities of being a Reiki Master.

Student Teacher Responsibilities, Ethics, and Professional Conduct.

Length of study determined by Master 

Cost: $850