Light of the Soul

Guiding clients into union with the higher self.


"Jeanne is a skilled psychic. She has unflinching integrity and keen insight working with clients. I began working with her in 2013 and every time I work with her I gain a deeper understanding of myself and my situation. I have undergone enormous transformation in my life, the last 10 years especially, and Jeanne has helped me gain clarity and release fear, leaving me feeling empowered and aware."  -Jen B

"The reading really did make a positive change in my life. It really was a profound experience for me. I finally realize the source sort of speak, where my confidence issues come from. Finding my purpose of balance now in my life along with confidence seems so easy to see, but I could not see if for the longest time from the inside looking out. Thank you for being a vessel of truth for me and allowing me to speak and connect with my Akashic Records. I know now confidence will come along with balance as long as I am knowing of those things in my life. Thank you!" -Jenny

"Jeanne, first, it was so nice to meet you! You have a kind and healing energy which I could feel instantaneously. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to connect with my spiritual team on a new level!! You and my team gave me insight and clarification to issues I have been wondering about for quite some time now. What you translated and told me was right on and totally made sense as to why things are going the way they are in my life and past lives. I definitely will be visiting with you in the near future to expand my spiritual journey. Thank you so much!" -Samantha

"Her reading of the Records for my life was so accurate. Not only did I receive guidance towards my original question to help heal myself and my body, parts of my life came up in the reading that I had no idea was hurting me and affecting my health. Jeanne's Akachic Records reading for me is so invaluable! It gave ME so much more I information I wouldn't have otherwise to continue on my path to healing myself. Thank you again Jeanne."  -Joli 

"The Energy Healing and Spiritual Reading you gave me today surpassed any and all expectations I had! Thank you so much and I will HIGHLY recommend your services to my friends, family and anyone who will listen!." 

- Jackie 

"I have been going to Jeanne for several years and she has given me some very profound, spot on readings. She has also given me much comfort and guidance during times of turmoil. I have recommended Jeanne to many others and will continue to do so. Thank you Jeanne for your support!" -Amy

"I've had a few sessions with Jeanne, and it's absolutely amazing the amount of insight and guidance she gives me. She simply gives the information as it comes to her, in an open and honest manner. I feel empowered to continue on my journey and to stay focused with my soul's purpose. Jeanne has been blessed with amazing gifts and I've already recommended her services to my family and friends" -Sue

"Jeanne, I wanted to thank you for the healing I received from you, as well as the validation that I am detoxing.  I know all about cords and am surprised I didn't figure that out myself. I can't tell you the relief I am feeling since Saturday in my solar plexus area.  You had indicated I had a lot going on there physically as well, so I am working with the Universe to help in my healing, as well as to continue my health changes.  I am so excited about what lays ahead of me and know I will need more help from you and whomever else the Universe sends my way, but am so happy about my journey of where I am and where I am headed. I just wanted to thank you for getting rid of one of my roadblocks.  It was a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to seeing you again sometime in the future when I am ready to get rid of more roadblocks."

- Ann

"You were spot on!  Thank you for opening my eyes to see this - it really has helped me understand why I can’t seem to get the third eye working- also I knew it was in the heart chakra and I knew it was connected to the being - but didn’t even think about my dad!  Thank you! I so appreciate you helping me with this! It means so much! I feel so much lighter since we did this!" -Terri

"Thanks again for the healing session and for helping me take back my power.  It felt sooo good to clear the air with everything going on at home! Things are gonna be just fine, I know we'll work this out so that I can have my freedom." 

 - Diane

 "I have had 3 readings with Jeanne. I always come out feeling more in control of my life. I have had 3 healing sessions. LOVE IT! Relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time. I have attended both the Working with the Angels Workshop & the Spiritual Empowerment Workshop I also attend the monthly SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT CIRCLE. I love the way Jeanne leads us in meditation, I feel very safe and learn so much." 

- Judy

"Thanks for the incredible reading on Sunday. In over 20 years of working with psychics, psychometrists, and mediums, that was one of the best and most accurate reading I ever had. You put together many of the messages I have been trying to figure out. You are amazing and one of the best psychics out there!" 

- John 

"Yes, intuitives see other intuitives/psychis/mediums. I had a phenominal reading with Jeanne Crescenzo on Saturday while taking a break from our table. I want to say that she TOTALLY connected with my past. I have a very interesting connection to spirit. Being born intuitive has been quite a process in this lifetime...but knowing that someone else can tap into that and give you the understanding of it, guidance, and the knowledge to keep pushing forward out loud is very profound! Something my soul was seeking. Thank you Jeanne. You are amazing!" 

- Rachelle

"My mom recently gave me an angel portrait you created for me. I love it soooo much! Right when I saw it I said it looked really familiar but I couldn't guess from where. It felt so comforting just to hold and look at and just like a feeling of relief! The pink was so warm and welcoming and the blue was calming and reassuring. Then when I found out what it was and read the letter, I became very emotional. It was almost like I've been looking for something that I know is there and it all came to me in that moment. I feel so happy and safe whenever I think about it or look at it. I just want to curl up in the wings but I know they are really there for me outside of the portrait too. It is now hanging up on my wall where I can always see my angel along with the letter. It gave me hope and reassurance of my life and my path! I definitely am taking the words of advice and wisdom to heart as I feel they fit me perfectly as well." 

- Jessica

"Thank you so much for the Theta healing session yesterday. She is an amazing healer and she helped me so much with this healing. I feel so great after it and this morning I am feeling so fantastic. So grateful for her healing session. Thank you thank you thank you!"

- Quynh

"Jeanne is a wonderful light worker who I always feel comfortable doing a reading with. Her readings always feel authentic and uplifting, and I have had nothing but positive experiences with her. She creates a safe and grounding environment, and quickly becomes in tune with your angels and guides. You gain a sense of clarity that you can move forward with in your every day life and your goals and purpose." -Zoe